What will "Build a Book Proposal" Do For You?

Do you have a powerful idea for a non-fiction book? A memoir, biography, or history? Most non-fiction books are sold via proposal. With these instructions, from a teacher who has successfully sold two books through book proposals, you can pitch and sell your book idea as well.

    1. Build a Book Proposal

About this course:

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  • What is a book proposal and when do I need one?
  • How do I set up a book proposal?
  • How do I pitch my proposal?

Ready to write an amazing proposal for your book?

Don't miss out on this step-by-step guide!

Everything that you need to know to create the content and layout to build a professional book proposal. Take it from an expert who has sold two highly-regarded books through a book proposal, and create yours with this step-by step manual.

Your book deserves a great proposal.

With this guide, you'll learn how to create a powerful presentation for the book you dream to publish.