This course is for you if you are...

...a writer looking for help!

  • A beginning writer. These fundamental lessons are designed to ground you in the most basic principles of writing a book.

  • A writer who wants to be published. The publishing marketplace and industry are complex, and this course will define the basics for you what readers – and publishers – want.

  • An intermediate writer in search of greater understanding. With enough layers of craft, these basic lessons will give even more experienced writers new take-aways.

What's Inside:

Create characters & plot, understand publishing & marketing

four key take-aways

Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1: Who Are You Writing For?

    When we write for children, we are writing to an audience of wide-ranging ages and interests. Your first step is to know your audience – your ideal reader. Your second step is to define your genre and understand what’s appropriate for that ideal reader. Whether you’re writing a picture book, a middle grade novel, or a young adult novel, this lesson provides definitions and prompts to guide you in identifying audience and genre so that you can start building your best story.

  • Lesson 2: Why Write This Book?

    Now, you have the idea, but where do you go from here? In this lesson, we’ll guide you through understanding your premise, your point, your theme, and how to express the deeper reasons why your story must be told.

  • Lesson 3: Whose Story Is This?

    Every story needs characters, from protagonist to antagonist to secondary characters, and this is the lesson that will show you how to create your own special cast to populate your book. In addition, you’ll learn what it means, from picture book to YA novel, to create a character arc of change, and to give your story momentum and purpose.

  • Lesson 4: How Do We Create a Compelling Plot?

    A plot is not just a random string of events. Each action by characters must lead to the next set of actions. How do you choose what to put in your story, and what to leave out? In this lesson we’ll walk you through plot models and story-telling strategies so that you can create a compelling plot for your picture book, or your MG or YA novel.

  • Lesson 5: Next Steps To Level Up

    From systems to further studies, from understanding how publishing works today, to creating your own network of like-minded writers, in this lesson we’ll show you how you can take your desire to write for children all the way to a career as a published author.

Students say:

“The six well thought out lessons were very manageable and informative. I could go through them at my own pace and appreciate having them available for future reference. I learned more about crafting a story and the points to consider when writing. 5 out of 5 stars”


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