Master one of the two big building blocks of writing a book.

Learn the structure and organization of a story's plot and set your own plot in motion!

(Before you get too lost in your story's ideas!)

Want to build a powerful plot?

This workbook covers all aspects of crafting a plot, from picture books right through young adult novels, so get ready to master power plot building!

Janet Fox, teacher and book coach

Janet Fox, teacher & book coach

Janet Fox is an award-winning author with a deep passion for the magic of storytelling. Her writing journey began at age 8 with a poem published in the town newspaper, setting the stage for a career dedicated to writing captivating tales for young readers. As a writer, Janet strives to create books that can help grow young hearts and minds. Her 12 award-winning books span the spectrum of picture books through young adult, in a broad variety of genres. As a mentor and book coach with 25 years in publishing, her mission is to guide writers through the twists and turns of their creative odyssey, turning struggles into triumphs. Janet has helped scores of writers to achieve their dream of writing, revising, and, yes, publishing their children’s books.

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